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Francesca Bellino

Meriem is dead, and Mary has landed in Tunis to attend her funeral. She is shocked and disoriented, but she knows that to reach Kairouan, the hometown of her friend, she must take a taxi. And so, she jumps in the first one she sees. The driver Hedi  becomes a sort of Virgil for her: with him at her side Mary crosses a country that is in a delicate balance between celebration and the revolution, hopes and revolts, in the midst of te political upheavals after the liberation from the dictatorship. During the trip, Mary alternates between present and memories of her life in Rome with Meriem and the vacation in Kairouan when she felt in love with Faruk, charming calligrapher ... Gradually discovering herself, Mary will becomes aware of her limitats and will implement her own revolution.

In this road novel with a surprise ending, the author tells about the friendship between two young women who seek and eventually find, each in her own way, the identity and affectivity, while learning to understuns the curious and the unusual aspects of two different cultures.

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L’Asino d’oro edizioni (collana Omero, pag. 250, Euro 12)