"I journey to know my own geography."

Francesca Bellino writes short stories, articles, interviews, poems, novels, reportages, texts for radio and television.

Agreeing to get lost between East and West, she travels and writes stories according to connections and suggestions, fascinated by paradoxes, contradictions and contrasts.

Her lyrics, translated into several languages, explore the encounter between cultures, knowledge of the Other, immigration, women’s world and societies, sometimes breaking taboos and stereotypes.

She loves to take the words on the stage with readings and performances.

In 2009 she received the Targa Olaf to the Premio Cronista - Piero Passetti, in 2013 the journalist award Premio Talea, in 2014 the literary award Costa d’Amalfi Libri and in 2015 the literary award Maria Teresa Di Lascia and the Premio Prata for the attention dedicate to the Mediterranean’s topics.

She is one of the founders f the cultural association “Meeting of Civilizations”.

She was born in Salerno and lives in Rome.



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